Football Friday: Week Six (or Week Eight in real people time)

21 Oct

As the temperatures in the south finally dip toward the “I’m about to dress like an eskimo” stage, the first BCS rankings were released.  No big surprises there, at least in my opinion.  But there is this underlying knowledge that these numbers don’t mean much right now as two sets of undefeated teams will meet before season’s end and the whole top 10 will undergo a major overhaul.  Right now, the BCS poll is something to debate about–yea for small talk!

And for dorky peeps like me who need their yearly BCS refresher, here is a good link to exactly how those numbers are calculated.


This week, many SEC teams are taking a mid-month break.  Specifically, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina from the East and old Mississippi State in the West.  Let’s just hope that my Georgia boys stay clean and sober this weekend.  We surely can’t deal with any team suspensions going into our annual battle in Jacksonville.  Please guys, learn from those LSU Tigers—please be smart this weekend!

Of course, the other SEC teams are playing, and the games deserve to be followed (or at least attention should be paid to the final scores).  The Auburn Tigers fly to the bayou to face the LSU Tigers.  What would have been a great game last year is seemingly more of a roadblock to an undefeated LSU season this year, but it’s the SEC so you never know what strangeness might happen.  Alabama and the Crimson Tide play host to the Tennessee Volunteers on what I’ve been told is known as the 3rd Saturday in October (seems a little duh-huh to me… j/k).  To my friends who are going to the game, I hope you have a really good time and I hope you have to hear that annoying song of those orange people as few times as possible.


Other big games in terms of the all-powerful BCS this week include another test for the undefeated Oklahama State as the travel to the future SEC team Missouri.  Arkansas hosts struggling Ole Miss, and those green Michigan State Spartans will welcome the undefeated Badgers (not the honey kind).

Of course, due to an extreme bias, my game to watch this week would be the Clemson Tigers and the UNC Tarheels playing in Death Valley (11 AM Central time on ESPN)

Here, we see an ACC rivalry, but also a rivalry within a couple dear to my heart.  I do urge my brother to be nice to his girlfriend no matter what the outcome.  Tigers should always be gentlemen at heart.

Dear brother: Try to remember to be nice--even if your team is winning. Love: Your sister

Of course, there is a lot on the line for the Solid Orange.  As one of the many undefeated FBS teams at the moment, Clemson must come back from a rather terrifyingly close game last week to dominate those baby blue boys.

My pick:  Only because I would love to see the Tigers actually achieve ACC greatness for once, I’m continuing to pull for my Clemson Tigers.  And for the sake of my brother’s relationship…since I’m not sure he can handle two loses to UNC in as many years.


So, in conclusion, it’s finally really fall y’all.  Get out an enjoy some football! (or watch it on Gamecast while you’re working….sigh).


Grateful for simply raspberry lemonade, pink and orange bows, and laughing until your gut hurts.


One Response to “Football Friday: Week Six (or Week Eight in real people time)”

  1. patti October 21, 2011 at 6:56 PM #

    I worry more about your brother not being nice if Clemson gets behind. I am hoping for a game that is close, but one in which the Tigers always have the lead. Don’t want to have to worry about your brother’s blood pressure two weeks in a row. 🙂

    On another note, since you mentioned the honey badger, thought I’d share the ESPN guys question to Clemson fans: Why does your Tiger mascot have bloodshot eyes? Could it be from too much partying with the honey badger?

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